This term SWOT analysis is used usually in the corporate where it means analysis of a person’s or of any organization’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. This process of analysis is used by business organizations as a powerful planning agent because it helps to review the business in 360 degrees. If we talk on an individual level then we come to understand that SWOT analysis. Here we need to understand every word of SWOT where S stands for strength which means those fields where you have expertise and control over more than others, W stands for weakness that means those areas or fields where you don’t have much of control and you become powerless, O stands for opportunities which means chances where one can take advantages for his or he own benefits and lastly T stands for threats which means those things which stops you to gain profit or do profitable things. SWOT analysis is a very necessary process especially for students in order to find out beneficial factors in them and remove harmful factors from their personality. In order to perform such things school management includes ERP because ERP gives balance to the base of any organization like school and colleges. Institute ERP provides learning in such a way that due to institute ERP students get chances to improve their knowledge in advance and their personality gets an upgrade with help of SWOT analysis.

A personal SWOT analysis is not far away from SWOT analysis of an organization. Here the only difference is that you focus and concentrate on targets and goals of your life, instead of any organization. A personal SWOT analysis is very useful for specially students to improve and enhance the skills of the students by analysing their strengths and weaknesses and by observing the threats which can harm their career and by grabbing the opportunities of success. Let’s understand this in detail:

  • One should be very certain about his or goal and should limit the time that till when he or she has to achieve the goal. As a learner one should identify the goals of his or her life till a certain age and also that how and till what time period, he or she is going to achieve it and should work accordingly.
  • A learner should always be aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is said by our ancestors that no one knows you better than you. Hence, it is necessary that you should recognize skills, experience, resources and knowledge in you. These are those positive things in you which support you in the hour or your need and in lack of them you become weak. Hence, one should always be aware of these in you.
  • One should be in a very awakened state of the mind and should be very attentive about any kind of opportunity around you, although usually opportunities are created externally, like around you in your workplace. For example, you need to keep an eye around that if anybody resigns due to any reason or gets terminated then you can consider this as your opportunity to prove yourself by performing his job along with your job and in this way, you can prove to your employer that you are a multitasking person.
  • One must take care of those external forces which can cause harm to you and your growth and are called as threats. It is so because such external forces can disturb the smooth flow of good things in life. Such as when a student is preparing for IAS and a room mate of his falls ill with cough and cold then he is under threat to get infected just before exam. So, his friend is a threat right now to his dream of being an IAS, because being ill he won’t be able to attempt the exam.
  • And after such a personal SWOT analysis one needs to make a strategic plan to work on it and make the things clear in the mind to achieve the goal desired and work according to the same action plan. Always stay awake and never let any external force create hindrance in the way of your success. This is the real SWOT analysis of yourself on a personal basis which benefits you always.

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