We see that the internet is an amazing tool for teaching and learning. This is why teaching digital literacy has become important. But, before we can teach students to harness its power as well as become good citizens of the web, we need to understand the intricacies of how it works as well as how it can be manipulated to mislead and even harm users too. We see that digital literacy is the ability to use information as well as communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, as well as communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills. They can also go ahead and teach erp full form as well. We know that to be deemed digitally literate, a person must encompass specific skills as well. We see that students need to be able to create. Not just for now, we know that it is good for the future as well. We see that we have a responsibility to teach them how to use their knowledge to create meaningful things as well as ideas. We see that this requires creativity. We know that giving students the freedom to be creative as well as incorporate their interests and personal style in their assignments is empowering and prepares them for the world ahead as well. We see that effective and appropriate communication is vital for digital literacy. To fully learn digitally, the students must possess the skills to communicate what they have learned, their thoughts as well as questions, and collaborate with their peers. We see that students will communicate verbally during live sessions but will also communicate through essays, as well as projects, presentations, assessments, as well as other assignments. Digital literacy is all about internet safety as well. We see that students may not realize that their digital footprints follow them forever. We see that i’s important we teach them to communicate respectfully at all times as well. We know that they should also know what is considered inappropriate, how to identify it, as well as who to report it to as well. We see that collaboration is another life skill that students will carry into their future as well. We know that collaborating digitally requires students to understand the task and how to use the resources given for that task. We see that collaboration does not have to be face to face to be effective. Once students understand the platform, the sky is the limit as we see in most cases. We see that communication for digital literacy entails sharing, listening, note-taking, as well as understanding each person’s role too. We see that no one had to teach me the basic functions of these devices. It was natural as we see in most cases. We know that children nowadays seem to be born with basic functional skills. We know that they can use skills like searching the web, as well as downloading, opening, and closing documents, using apps, recording as well as editing videos, posting to social media, and more at the same time. Although we see that students have these innate skills, there are still other functional skills students should have to reach digital literacy which is related to the platforms as well as services used by the school system. Universally, students must gain keyboarding skills for it has a lot of benefits. We know that critical thinking is a given for any classroom setting as well. We see that students are to be challenged with rigor as well as the right amount of productive struggle, which forces them to think further than they would normally as well. They must assess what their students already know and can do. They can work on assigning groups of students with varying abilities to work together for assignments. We know students learn from one another as well and they must teach students how to properly use the internet as well as determine which sources are credible and valuable too. They must allow students a choice in how they would like to complete assignments as well.  The  Learning management system in this case is very helpful as well. All this can help a student to understand the meaning of all that is needed to succeed. 

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